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Goal: Army of Ares is a hardcore raiding guild focused on Raid progression and downing ALL content up to end content.

History: AoA was created in 2006 by someone out of my time period, and then disbanded sometime back in Classic as a social guild. In Burning Crusade AoA came back Under Achiles leadership to be as just a laid back socializing and very lite raiding with PvP. People became more interested in raiding and left leading to AoA disbanning yet again. In late Wrath just before ICC, Achiles reformed AoA yet again as a hardcore raiding guild. It was at this time that I (Aeromis) 1st joined the guild, 2 weeks after reconstruction. At this time AoA was a fairly large guild running a 25man and 3 different 10man raids. Achiles assigned me to lead the Group 3 raid wich was the underdog of the 3 10mans. AoA progression at this time was 10/12 reg ICC only 2 weeks after coming back together. G3 on the other hand was 3/12. My 1st ever raid with this unerdog group they advanced to 10/12. I quickly became a rank 3 and eventally a Rank 2. Army of Ares was 12/12 reg and 9/12 heroic ICC. 1 month before Cataclysm hit, Achiles picked up in RL and dropped out as GM and gave it all to Arckon, (former officer). As soon as Cata came out AoA took a blow that rendered our numbers greatly, and it looked as if we might be done for yet again. Arckon was having his own Real Life problems, and ended up steeping down from GM as well. AoA fell onto my shoulders, and i was determined to keep the guild alive. Hard recruiting and the dedicated players i had left helped me greatly. AoA didnt truly start Cata Raiding until about the 3rd week of February 2011. we started and stuggled the first few weeks only going 2/12. But with some help and tanksot videos, we got right back into it and AoA is now consistently prgoressing (wich you can check out in the progression section of our website) and is working on our goal of killing Deathwing at the end of the Expansion.

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